Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

It’s Valentine's Day. There are so many couples walking on the street with flowers. Even if a guy who never believes in such things might get intimidated by what he is seeing (am not implying June is like this).

After having lunch together, we headed back to his workplace. As I was waiting for him to finish teaching, I got myself occupied. I was starring and admiring my boyfriend. Honestly, he looks really good when he teaches. The seriousness with his half naked body, woo... hunk!

(This surprise came the night before Vday. It is his prize from his competition excluding the pooh)

(Its all mine and JJ's... Yummy)

We knew couples will always eat dinner at a standard time; we headed for dinner way earlier. Why would you bother to even queue for food? The meal was fantastic. It is such a memorial place. A place where brings good memories.

Isn’t Valentine all about carrying presents and having a nice meal? Well, that’s exactly what we are doing. I told Liang jokingly that Valentine is for singles who wants to get hooked or hook someone up. I am not sure about the rest, but for us, everyday is our valentine. Every day is special and meaningful to us.

(Yes, everything is Pooh bear. He is the one who made me fall in love with Mr Pooh)

A little secret: These gifts came unprepared. I was forced to go elsewhere while he did his purchase. The deal before was no gifts from him because he will be paying for the meals. But being a human, he felt guilty. So he decided to do some purchasing. The exciting gift is still pending. Shhh....

(Are all athletics have the same beliefs?)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greatest Thoughts of 2009

After months of effort, I have failed my interview. I did not even make it to the second round. I would have to admit that I was very disappointed with myself. When I entered to the room, I stumbled and shivered. Words were lost and important points slipped off the back of my head. But well, few days had past and I came to realize the reason for God's plan.

I had witness and experienced events or incidents that got me thinking. Everything seemed to be reflecting to the same point. And I can relate back to the interview questions that I was asked.

On Monday, my facilitator did a 2 hours reflection or life guide for us. I thought it was useless because I always knew what I want and have always been working towards my dream. But have I really considered about others besides myself?? I reflected and realized how selfish I am. All my contentment was to accomplish things that benefit me. I have made an impact in my own life by achieving so much more then what I have expected. But have I made an impact in others life?? How else can I help over my emotions?? I have to learn to be giving unconditionally, because real giving is through my heart and not being known to others.

On that very Monday, I witness an accident. A boy was run over by a huge construction truck. It was not the scene that made me feeling so devastated. It was the cry of his dad during that scene. He was crying over that body. His voice descended over time, slowly losing control of his body and rolled on the floor. That moment, all I thought of is my parents and June. I have always been challenging myself to the extreme, but have I thought my safety? I neglected the need to even take precautions. I concluded that it is not the victim that hurt the most, but is his love ones that is still living on this earth. The pain was beyond word's description.

Watching true courage today gave me another wake up call. It was about true love. How many people out there are married with true love to his/her partner?? I would say majority fell for the material and luxurious life her partner can give and the pride of bringing his partner out. Let's question ourselves, the moment you made that vow, are you able to keep it for the rest of your life?? Are you willing to take care of yours partner and not abandon him/her at his/her most wanted moment?? If you are able to answer it confidently, then go with your answer.

I have written a whole list of pointers I want to accomplish. Some are beyond my limits, but it is still good to look at it and reflect for its purpose. Everyone should do it as well. My mission for my life is to ..... (Secret).

Friday, January 09, 2009

FYP Report down...

At last, FYP report is submitted. Everything is so last minute. Well, I guess that is what Engineers do (or people from Industrial & Operation Management behave). I was so busy the past few nights, editing from morning till 2 -3 am. OMG! I have such huge eye bags. I better get something good out of this (hint hint).

Things have been great lately. I have things to get busy with, and everything is so well organized/planned. The only issue was going to school. May I know who will still have the interest / motivation to attend classes? 1 more week for me! Just one more week! I can’t wait for this coming week to end. That is when I am able to enjoy my life fully without worries. Oops! I still have Sports Management. Gee!

Took some pictures in my brother’s small little “studio”. I carried JJ along to take them with me. He really knows how to take pictures. He was facing the camera and leaning on my shoulder, giving different poses, too. What a vain boy.

It is so troublesome uploading pictures here. Argh!

Anyway!!! On Tuesday, my parents surprised me with a new phone. It is the phone I’ve always wanted! Xperia X1 – Silver. Don’t worry peeps. I have gotten a lanyard attached. I will always sling on.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Tired and Exhuasted…

It’s the first day of school since our last 3 weeks (mine 4 weeks) of break. I did not have any motivation to study or to do anything. My mind was totally shut off, and I was MSN-ing practically the whole day (besides going for my breaks).

It is a great day today. Everything is so smooth-sailing. After yesterday’s service, I feel so good and after getting the courage to speak my mind up, I am glad that everything turns out good. Will this joy last for long? I believe it will. Because if there’s a will, there’s a way. Besides, I always have a pillar and a heavenly Father watching over me.

*Sorry, I can never take nice pics*

This Little Taps – Winnie The Pooh – is my addiction. I have to listen to it every night. Both are gifts from June. These 2 fellows really cost a bomb. Please don’t start guessing because the price is really unexpected. I love it so much. It really makes me happy whenever I am down. Look at how joyful they are. How adorable they are when they tap dance. Everything starts to shake (if its tummy shake it will be better). Haha!

Look at how it dance... So cute!

Thought of the Day:

Every sin which we have committed or will commit has been punished to the full in the body of Jesus Christ at the cross.

The day is getting nearer, yet my faith and confidence still stand strong.