Friday, January 09, 2009

FYP Report down...

At last, FYP report is submitted. Everything is so last minute. Well, I guess that is what Engineers do (or people from Industrial & Operation Management behave). I was so busy the past few nights, editing from morning till 2 -3 am. OMG! I have such huge eye bags. I better get something good out of this (hint hint).

Things have been great lately. I have things to get busy with, and everything is so well organized/planned. The only issue was going to school. May I know who will still have the interest / motivation to attend classes? 1 more week for me! Just one more week! I can’t wait for this coming week to end. That is when I am able to enjoy my life fully without worries. Oops! I still have Sports Management. Gee!

Took some pictures in my brother’s small little “studio”. I carried JJ along to take them with me. He really knows how to take pictures. He was facing the camera and leaning on my shoulder, giving different poses, too. What a vain boy.

It is so troublesome uploading pictures here. Argh!

Anyway!!! On Tuesday, my parents surprised me with a new phone. It is the phone I’ve always wanted! Xperia X1 – Silver. Don’t worry peeps. I have gotten a lanyard attached. I will always sling on.


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