Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greatest Thoughts of 2009

After months of effort, I have failed my interview. I did not even make it to the second round. I would have to admit that I was very disappointed with myself. When I entered to the room, I stumbled and shivered. Words were lost and important points slipped off the back of my head. But well, few days had past and I came to realize the reason for God's plan.

I had witness and experienced events or incidents that got me thinking. Everything seemed to be reflecting to the same point. And I can relate back to the interview questions that I was asked.

On Monday, my facilitator did a 2 hours reflection or life guide for us. I thought it was useless because I always knew what I want and have always been working towards my dream. But have I really considered about others besides myself?? I reflected and realized how selfish I am. All my contentment was to accomplish things that benefit me. I have made an impact in my own life by achieving so much more then what I have expected. But have I made an impact in others life?? How else can I help over my emotions?? I have to learn to be giving unconditionally, because real giving is through my heart and not being known to others.

On that very Monday, I witness an accident. A boy was run over by a huge construction truck. It was not the scene that made me feeling so devastated. It was the cry of his dad during that scene. He was crying over that body. His voice descended over time, slowly losing control of his body and rolled on the floor. That moment, all I thought of is my parents and June. I have always been challenging myself to the extreme, but have I thought my safety? I neglected the need to even take precautions. I concluded that it is not the victim that hurt the most, but is his love ones that is still living on this earth. The pain was beyond word's description.

Watching true courage today gave me another wake up call. It was about true love. How many people out there are married with true love to his/her partner?? I would say majority fell for the material and luxurious life her partner can give and the pride of bringing his partner out. Let's question ourselves, the moment you made that vow, are you able to keep it for the rest of your life?? Are you willing to take care of yours partner and not abandon him/her at his/her most wanted moment?? If you are able to answer it confidently, then go with your answer.

I have written a whole list of pointers I want to accomplish. Some are beyond my limits, but it is still good to look at it and reflect for its purpose. Everyone should do it as well. My mission for my life is to ..... (Secret).


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